The blogger disassembled the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra model with a "transparent" back panel (4 photos + video)

At the anniversary presentation of Xiaomi duringpresentation of the new flagship Mi10 Ultra, a special smartphone model Mi 10 Ultra Transparent Edition with a transparent back cover was announced. A Chinese blogger almost immediately presented a video on YouTube in which he demonstrated the process of disassembling this smartphone and talked about the design features.

In the process of dismantling the transparent back panelthe expert noted that the working part of the device is protected by a special thermal film on which the drawing is applied. In this case, the inner surface of the rear panel receives a relief structure intended to create an imitation of a three-dimensional image. The perimeter of the lid is dark-colored to hide from the user the place where the body is glued.

The main camera module is equipped with an additionallens protector, and is also housed in a rigid metal frame for a secure fit. The blogger also noted that, despite the lack of IP certification for protection against dust and moisture, all connectors and ports received sealing rubber gaskets.

Special "tongues" provided enoughsimple and effortless dismantling of the dual 4500 mAh battery pack. When separating the protective glass and the screen matrix, the method of extreme freezing was applied. The smartphone was placed in a freezer for three minutes at a temperature close to minus 180 degrees Celsius. At the same time, after freezing, the blogger noted the absence of significant temperature deformations in the smartphone.

In the final part of the video, the history of the evolution of Xiaomi smartphones from models released in 2011 was demonstrated, with an indication of their technical characteristics.