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Astronomers searched for aliens among 10 million stars. What did they find?

Some people refuse to believe inthe existence of aliens, but most scientists are convinced otherwise. After all, think for yourself - there are so many planets in the Universe that at least thousands of them should be suitable for life and intelligent beings may well inhabit them. Projects for the search for extraterrestrial civilizations are referred to as SETI and recently the list of such studies was supplemented by an initiative from Australian scientists. They armed themselves with the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) telescope and scanned the region of the constellation Sails for radio signals with frequencies at which FM radio operates on our planet. After all, who knows, suddenly there are radio stations on distant planets? In total, scientists were able to check for the presence of life more than 10 million stars and it would be logical to assume that they have found something among such a large number of space objects. This is indeed so, only the find will hardly interest the supporters of theories about the existence of aliens.

Is there life beyond Earth? This question interests many

Search for aliens

The study was described inscientific publication Science Alert. Australian scientists used the MWA telescope to scan the constellation Sails for FM frequencies. This small patch of sky consists of 195 stars visible to the naked eye and another 10 million objects that can only be seen through a telescope. Scientists have suggested that somewhere in this area there may be planets with intelligent beings who have already invented radio. Signals can leak through the atmosphere of our planet, so if scientists were able to catch a signal, it would mean that life exists somewhere far away. The signal from an extraterrestrial civilization would have sounded something like the 1996 recording - then one of the space satellites was able to catch radio signals emanating from the Earth. You can listen to these sounds in the video below.

Murchison Widefield Array Telescope

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Alien technology

Researchers say the resultstheir research does not reject the likelihood of extraterrestrial life. The fact that they have studied 100 million stars does not mean that scientists have covered a huge part of the universe - in fact, they have checked only a tiny fraction. One can imagine that space is the world's ocean of the Earth. Now imagine a small pool in the backyard of an American home. Astronomers were able to study approximately such an area. If they study other parts of the starry sky, then sooner or later, hints of extraterrestrial intelligence can be found.

Constellation sails

Also, the researchers do not exclude the possibilitythe fact that aliens do not use radio signals. Maybe they have already been able to create technologies that we do not even know about the possibility of existence. But we are looking in space only for signs of technologies that are familiar and understandable to ourselves. We do not have the equipment to search for technologies unknown to mankind, and even if we find them, we will not understand what it is.

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And perhaps extraterrestrial civilizations are usedradio signals, but they simply cannot reach us. Humanity began to use radio signals only in 1895 and at the moment they are unlikely to have spread further than 100 light years. But the further they go, the weaker they become. Therefore, in order to pick up signals from alien civilizations, we need hope and more powerful equipment. The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) telescope is already under construction in Western Australia, with which researchers will be able to study billions of star systems. So, every day the chances of detecting aliens are increasing with us.

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