Archive and save all Gmail

Gmail email is currentlyhas become an almost indispensable attribute of modern man. Long-term use of the e-mail box with received and sent many hundreds or even thousands of letters, their storage and protection are ensured by all the power of Google Corporation. However, sometimes situations may arise when the user wants to change the mailbox, but at the same time wants to keep all the correspondence available at the old address. There are a few simple steps to follow.

one. Gmail data request.
Get Gmail data on request. To do this, we go to the Google archiver in the Google account, where you can upload almost all the user data in the formation of which Google services were used.

To download specific data from Gmail, you shouldLeave active only the checkmark next to the Mail section. To do this, click on the “Cancel selection” button and going to the Gmail section, put a checkmark in front of it.

Going through the chain “Next” → “Single export”→ “Create Export”, we are waiting for the completion of the data archiving process. Considering that some users have had a history of working with Gmail for years and decades, the archive size can be very large and its formation will take a long time. Upon completion of the archiving process, the corresponding letter “Data from your Google account is ready to download” will be sent to your mail.

2 We translate MBOX files in Thunderbird
When the formation of the archive is completed, it can be downloaded by clicking the "Download data" button. As a result, the Gmail archive, presented in the MBOX format, will be located on a separate storage medium.

To open files in this format, you should use one of the special programs, for example, Thunderbird, available for free.

After downloading and installing Thunderbird, you caneither get an account on the resource, or do without it, since when working it will be necessary to use only local folders. Therefore, at the first start, we go along the “Cancel” → “Blogs and News Feeds” → “Continue” → “Done” chains.

In the window that opens, select the inscription “Local folders” and click on “Settings”. Then copy the path that appears in the window to the local directory.

In the next step, to launch the system window"Run" in the Windows operating system, press the combination Win + R (for macOS it will be Shift + Cmd + G), where you should drag the MBOX file, and then restart Thunderbird.

The process will take some time, after which the user will be able to view offline any emails sent using Gmail.

3 Return archived emails to Gmail
In the case when you need to return letters fromfiles of MBOX into a new account in Gmail, you just need to open the Thunderbird application and follow the menu "Menu" → "Create" → "Set up my mail account" enter your own data.

At the next stage, just drag and drop the necessary letters into the “All Mail” folder of Gmail. Later they will appear in the new Google account.