Announcement. LG Wing is beautiful, but won't take off

The LG Wing is a breath of fresh air. Well done, LG, what can I say! They took - and made a smartphone rotator. When folded, it is an ordinary modern mid-range smartphone. But a slight movement of the hand - and there are two screens. The main one lays down horizontally, and an additional one appears from under it. It turns out a kind of letter T.

And by the way, a classic case when one is bettertimes to see than a hundred times to hear or read. Here is an unboxing performed by Unbox Therapy. Take a look at least the first ten seconds - everything will immediately become clear.

Just think - and in fact a really super-duper thing! First, it's comfortable to hold. Secondly, the software. You can cram two different softinks on two screens. Well, which of the drivers at the most crucial moment did not call on his smartphone-navigator? LG even drew a picture. The map is on one screen, and the call is on the other. It's a dream!

What are the open spaces for developers?software! After all, one softphone can use both screens. Let's say you put game controls on a small screen. Or control buttons and other settings in the software for watching videos. Indeed, why open some kind of menu on top of the main picture, if it can be sent to the auxiliary screen?

And this is where the problem lies. Why should developers be distracted from their main business and adapt their software to the new format? Do you seriously believe that the conditional Yandex will give the command to the developers of its, say, Maps, to drop everything and adapt to the newly born form factor? The price is still unknown, but, to the fortuneteller, do not go, it will not be cheap. This means that the sales will be small. And since the sales are small - why waste time and money on adapting your software? So there are either programmers of LG itself, who must urgently write a lot of new and interesting things. Or it is necessary to bring money to the developers so that they urgently finish their programs and toys. Vaughn, they say, Gameloft has already adapted its Asphalt 9. Probably out of pure altruism in the free time from the main work.

But the attempt is certainly worthy of respect. You never know. What if such a turning mechanism can be made for three kopecks? What if you can produce budget rotator devices? Cooperate with Xiaomi and ka-ak! .. Eh, dreams. Well, let's see.

Stop dreaming. A few words about the characteristics of the smartphone.

Screens. Both OLED, both FullHD. The main one is absolutely typical for modern smartphones in size, under seven inches. 6.8 ″, POLED, 1080 × 2460 (395 ppi). No cutouts or holes. A fingerprint scanner is built into the screen. The second screen is smaller, but it cannot be said that it is too small. 3.9 ″, 1080 × 1240 (422 ppi).

The dimensions are unexpectedly rather modest. 260 grams, 10.9 mm thick. For comparison, the Galaxy Note 20 with a slightly smaller screen weighs 192 grams and is 8.3 mm thick. It is clear that the LG Wing is heavier and thicker than conventional smartphones of the same size. But it cannot be said that the difference is completely horrible.

Iron. Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G with 5G support. About three hundred thousand AnTuTu parrots. Iron is serious, but not flagship. Let's just say, semi-flagship.

Memory. 8 GB operational. Permanent memory 128 or 256 GB. For some reason, LG plans to ship versions with different memory sizes to different markets. Oddly enough, there is support for memory cards.

Medium battery, 4000 mAh. There is both fast and wireless charging.

Front camera 32 MP. One mechanical part in the LG smartphone seemed to be not enough, so they made the front-facing camera pop-up.

There are three main cameras - 64 + 13 + 12 MP. Unusually, the second and third cameras are both wide-angle.

A cool stabilization system is promised. Like you ride a bike, hold your smartphone by the leg of the letter T, shoot a video on the go - and the video will be - just hurt yourself. Interesting. Let's wait until the smartphone goes massively, if not to the people, then at least to the reviewers. Let's wait and see examples.

Prices yet.

Key features of LG Wing:

Screen POLED, 6.8 ″, 1080 × 2460, 395 ppi, 16M colors, touch, capacitive, multitouch
Add. OLED screen, 3.9 ″, 1080 × 1240, 422 ppi, 16M colors, touch, capacitive, multitouch, GOLED
IronQualcomm Snapdragon 765G
2.4 GHz, 1 x Kryo 475 (Cortex-A76), 1 x Kryo 475 (Cortex-A76), 6 x Kryo 475 (Cortex-A55), Adreno 620
Memory RAM 8 GB, ROM 128–256 GB, Micro-SD up to 2 TB
Mobile Internet5G
Mobile networks5G
Battery Li-Ion, 4000 mAh, Quick Charge 4.0+, wireless charging
Dimensions169.5 x 74.5 x 10.9 mm
Weight260 g
Rear Camera: Triple, Flash, Auto Focus

- 64 MP, f / 1.8, 78 °, 0.80μm

- 13 MP, wide-angle, f / 1.9, 117 °, 1.00μm

- 12 MP, wide-angle, f / 2.2, 120 °, 1.40μm, Gimbal Motion Camera
front camera: 32 MP, f / 1.9, 80 °, 0.80μm, no flash, no autofocus
NavigationGPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
OS Android 10
Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Approximation, Illumination, Fingerprint scanner (screen), NFC
USBType-C v3.1

George Kiselyov