Announcement. INOI 102 - microphone with monochrome OLED screen

To be honest, it took a while for me to realize that thisthe phone is very, very small. Because his proportions are completely classic. You look at the monitor screen, at its page. There is a big picture. You think - well, another copy of the ancient Nokia. Then it comes. To understand the magnitude of a disaster, here's a comparison at the right scale with one of the most popular smartphones of our time. Our hero, INOI 102, is two to two and a half times smaller in height and width than modern smartphones. And they are lighter in seven to eight times - only 22 grams.

What's interestnig. The phone can be used as a Bluetooth headset for a smartphone. The screen is still curious. Monochrome with PMOLED matrix. And the screen size is, of course, outstanding - only 0.66 "(68 × 68).

There are no cameras. No radio. No flashlight. But unexpectedly there is support for memory cards. And two SIM cards.

Battery 300mAh. They promise that there will be enough for several hours of talk time.

₽990 ($ 12.9) at the start of sales. You can already pre-order.

Key features of INOI 102:

Screenmonochrome, OLED, 0.66 ″, 68 × 68, 146 ppi, PMOLED
Iron MTK6261D
Micro SD up to 32 GB
Mobile networks GSM
Battery Li-Ion, 300 mAh
Dimensions67.8 x 28.1 x 12.4 mm
Weight22 g

George Kiselyov