Announcement. Megabitus - Internet speed on the map

The guys from TelecomDaily have been analyzing the quality of communication networks for many years.
And now they suddenly made a softphone with the beautiful name Megabitus
(official website, softinka for Android, softinka for Apple).

Press the button - you get the speed of your Internet. Another Speedtest? Close, but not quite. The most delicious difference is that the results are displayed on the map (there is a map both on the site and in softinks).

The second difference is the selection of a server for measurementspeed. Megabitus is not trying to find the closest server by geography. Here I am now out of town. Speedtest determines that the server closest to me “by air” is located 17 km in the town of Sertolovo and offers it to me. What for? As far as I know, there are neither large data centers, nor traffic exchange points.

Megabitus servers stand next to the largest traffic exchange points, which is more logical. Although it would be even more logical, in my opinion, to measure the speed not to one server, but to several ...

Well, the last. There is no advertising in the application, personal data is not collected. People are clear, long familiar. Why they need a megabitus is also clear. Additional data for analysis.

I think a good start should be supported.

P.S. As a critique.

1. Guys, would you make it possible to exit the application by clicking “Back”, huh?

2. I want filters on the map. Only mobile Internet, only home, all together. Mobile Internet for a specific operator.

P.P.S. Everything in my country house and with the Internet is rather modest. What about you now?

George Kiselyov