Bosch futuristic electric bike with integrated ABS and on-board computer announced (4 photos)

Small urban vehicles in the nearthe future will be saturated with high-tech components that can significantly increase the efficiency and safety of the trip. Bosch has demonstrated the concept of a futuristic electric bike equipped with a computer and an ABS system.

At this stage, the company announced a totaljust the concept of the bicycle of the future, and to test the EBike Design Vision on real tracks is not yet possible. However, already in the following models of electric bicycles, individual elements proposed in concept by Bosch engineers may appear.

Developers are positioning EBike Design Vision,as a “city sports cruiser” with universal characteristics allowing it to be used for everyday city trips, as well as for Sunday trips to nature. The bike of the future will be received by the Nyon on-board computer, which is already used in selected Bosch motorcycle models, which will enter the market at the end of this year. For motorcycles, a scheme will be used to remove the control unit, while in EBike Design Vision the computer will be integrated into the frame of the bicycle.

Nyon computer for EBike Design Vision willbuilt into the steering wheel, and all control levers hydraulics and electrical wires will be hidden inside the frame. Another innovation in the electric bike will be the use of the Bosch eBike ABS system, which is also used in Bosch production motorcycles.

ABS can stabilize the bike whensharp braking, for which the pressure in the front brake is regulated, which will prevent the rear of the EBike from rising. Activation of the eBike ABS system occurs when the user suddenly presses the brake, as a result of which the front wheel may be blocked.

In the EBike Design Vision concept all systemsFully integrated in a carbon frame with ventilated ducts to prevent heat build-up. The battery is built into the bottom of the frame and can be removed for charging.

EBike Design Vision Demonstrates On DaysCelebrating the tenth anniversary of the presentation of the first Bosch electric bicycle drive system. The company claims that ecological, compact and economical transport using electricity is becoming increasingly popular among urban residents.

Source: techradar