Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch and Watch SE "budget" watch announced (5 photos)

During the big Apple presentation, there werepresented a new smart watch of the next, sixth generation Smart Watch Series 6, which received several innovative solutions, including a pulse oximeter, which is extremely useful in a pandemic, for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood. Along with the standard smartwatch, a stripped-down version of the device was shown, marketed under the Apple Watch SE brand.

One of the most useful updates for the newline of smart watches from Apple, the appearance of a pulse oximeter in the Apple Watch Series 6. The sensor is able to obtain data on the percentage of oxygen in the user's blood in 15 seconds, which will allow diagnosing health problems at an early stage. The sensor operates around the clock, with full preservation of statistics required for subsequent analysis in a proprietary application.

Apple Watch Series 6 hardware usesApple S6 platform based on A13 Bionic. The processor is optimized for use in compact devices. The smartwatch screen is supported by the Always on Display function, which increases the contrast of the image in the sun by almost 2.5 times.

Using a solid bracelet instead of a strapSololoop also diversifies the use cases for Apple Watch Series 6. The solid, buckle-free bracelet stretches to fit the user's wrist perfectly.

The exterior design of the case has remained unchanged,Apple continues to bring the iconic square watch to the market. Apple Watch Series 6 devices will be available in navy blue with a gold case or in product red. The new screens use customizable screens with original animated mimoji.

Especially for workers of various professionsthemed dials have been created to facilitate planning the working day. So for photographers, the optimal time for filming is displayed, and for doctors, a screen appears with a schedule of patient appointments. The updated power supply system provides the new watch with a full charge 20% faster than in the previous series.

Similar to the project with "budget" smartphonesiPhone SE, Apple has decided to bring more affordable Watch SE smart watches to the market. The hardware part of the novelty runs on the Apple S5 platform, which makes it possible to use all the functions used in the previous Apple Watch series in the watch. At the same time, the performance of the Watch SE is twice that of the Watch Series 3. The model uses a huge number of straps, a compass, an altimeter, and a choice of dial screen.

Also new watches were presentedFamily Setup functions that allow parents to increase control over a child who does not currently have a smartphone of their own. Adults will be able to limit the child's social circle, as well as check who and when contacted him. The possibility of notifying the child's location in real time is also being introduced. The function is not available for Russians, as it is used on Apple Watch with an integrated cellular module.

Apple Watch Series 6 will beon sale from September 18 at prices from 36,990 rubles, and the available model Apple Watch SE will cost only 24,990 rubles. The delivery set of the new watch series does not include chargers and only a magnetic charging cable. Apple cites environmental concerns as the reason for optimizing the base configuration.