The British introduced an apple-shaped fusion reactor

Development of thermonuclear energy capable ofmeeting all the urgent needs of mankind in energy has received another impetus after the recent launch in England of the modernized Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) fusion reactor. It took scientists and engineers from Great Britain seven years and 55 million pounds to create and launch a reactor of the original design, which will increase the productivity and reliability of future fusion stations.

The new tokamak is shaped like an apple anddiffers from traditional installations, which are similar in design to donuts. British scientists believe that the updated shape will provide greater plasma stability than donut-shaped reactors.

Installation of the MAST class is capable of working withreduced by 40% of the magnetic field strength required to keep the plasma under a certain pressure. At the same time, while maintaining the field strength, the plasma is compressed twice as much. As a result, system performance is significantly improved. Testing the launched apple-shaped reactor will experimentally test the hypothesis of British scientists.

An innovative idea will be used to createnew generation of reactors. The UK government is allocating £ 220 million for research and plans to launch new reactors to generate power in 2040.

Source: sciencemag