IPhone 12 batteries drain quickly even in inactive mode (2 photos)

The new line of smartphones iPhone 12 has broughtmany new features, including the use of 5G networks, contributing to the rapid battery drain. However, users of the new iPhones are increasingly claiming super-fast battery drain, even when Wi-Fi and 5G are disabled.

According to upset users, the numberwhich has already exceeded a thousand, iPhone 12 can lose 20% to 40% charge overnight. At the same time, even completely disabling background app updates and completely disconnecting from 5G networks cannot fix the situation.

User with nickname Master26A on forumsThe Apple Communities raised the issue of iPhone 12 Pro battery draining quickly in standby mode. After purchasing the iPhone 12 Pro in late October, he found that the battery was draining about 4% per hour in standby mode.

One of the users reported that the serviceApple Support ran a diagnosis and everything is correct. In this regard, it has been suggested that the extremely fast battery drain may be caused by a bug in iOS, which may be fixed in one of the next system updates.

Source: 9to5mac