Autopilot for Tesla will develop a supercomputer Dojo

Creation of fully autonomous controlelectric car is one of the priority tasks of Tesla, which the head of the company has repeatedly stated. Now on Twitter, Elon Musk commented on the development of a project called Tesla Dojo to create a supercomputer for teaching artificial intelligence, and gave a hint at its technical capabilities.

Musk first mentioned the Dojo program back in 2019year, without disclosing the details of the program. In the current post, the head of Tesla has somewhat opened the curtain over the methods that the supercomputer will use to train a fully autonomous AI car. At the same time, Musk urged specialists who are interested in this area to join the work of the company. Thus, the head of the company continues to look for employees for this important direction of the development of electric vehicles.

Musk noted in his comment that Dojo willprocess huge amounts of data and become a supercomputer with a performance in excess of 1 exaFLOPS (one quintillion (10 18) floating point operations per second, or 1000 petaflops). Thus, Tesla joins the competition with Intel and AMD to create a computer that overcomes the exaFLOPS barrier. However, the Tesla supercomputer will be focused on solving the specialized task of training artificial intelligence and computer vision using "a huge amount of video data."